Reduced Cooling From Ductless AC Unit Causes

As a homeowner, you expect your ductless air conditioning unit to efficiently and properly cool your home, no matter if it does it slowly or quickly. If your ductless A/C unit stops cooling your home to a comfortable level, it does not necessarily mean that it is time to replace your entire system. We have come up with several possible reasons why your ductless AC unit may not be cooling your home properly.


Your A/C Unit is Too Small


One reason why your ductless A/C unit may not be functioning properly is if it is too small for the room it is trying to cool. If your air conditioning unit is built for a much smaller room, it will have a difficult time cooling the room off in the summertime. We recommend speaking with an HVAC professional to help you determine which ductless A/C unit is best for your property. They are accustomed to installing HVAC systems in your area and are better equipped to make recommendations based on your area’s climate.


Your Unit is Exposed to Direct Sunlight


Unfortunately, sometimes HVAC technicians do not install air conditioners in an ideal location. When the external portion of a ductless A/C unit is installed in an area that receives direct sunlight, it may not operate at its best. All HVAC units have an ideal operating temperature, and they stop working to their best potential when they get too hot. If your ductless A/C unit receives direct sunlight and you notice that it gets quite hot, we recommend contacting a trusted HVAC professional to help you come up with creative ways to solve this problem.


You Have a Refrigerant Leak


Since air conditioners can’t work properly without refrigerant, it is a good idea to check your system for leaks if it stops working properly. If you are unsure how to check for leaks, contact us at Weather Tech to schedule an appointment.


Your Unit is Leaking Water Indoors


Air conditioners can also leak water as well. If you see water leaking from your ductless A/C unit, it could be causing your system to be less efficient at cooling your home. There are several things that can cause your unit to leak water, including clogged lines, or a faulty condensate pump. If you notice any water leaks, we can come out and troubleshoot your system.


Your A/C Unit is Old


Finally, the age of your system can also impact how well it performs. As HVAC units get older, they become less efficient. If you have had your ductless A/C unit for a while, it might make better financial sense to replace the unit entirely. If you do not know the exact age of your A/C unit, contact us and we can help you determine the age, and if a replacement is necessary.


When you know what the different reasons are why your home is not as cool as it used to be, you can be better prepared to deal with these issues should they arise. When in doubt, contact Weather Tech Heating & Cooling your local HVAC company to perform maintenance on and troubleshoot your system.