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On a hot summer day, it can be tough to make it through without air-conditioning or any type of cooling system. Here in Winnipeg, we are constantly faced with weather extremes. From sweltering summers to the freezing cold winter, we don’t get much of a break. That is why it is important to have found a local air conditioner repair or service company you can trust.

So, the next time you are thinking about keeping your house cool in the summer, don’t hesitate to give Weather Tech a call. We would be happy to visit your home and give you a proper estimate on the type of equipment that would be appropriate.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Winnipeg, MB

Once you live with A/C it’s hard to do without it. That’s why the best way to maintain cool air in your home is with preventative air conditioning maintenance. This will help to ensure your A/C is ready when you need it most. Here in Manitoba, we can’t afford not to have our A/C on the fritz with an already, short summer season!

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Did Your AC Stop Working?

There are a few things you as the homeowner can do to check before calling for and air conditioning repair:

  1. Check for main power switches. This includes the main breaker in the electrical panel, the disconnect switch for the furnace and even the service switch outside next to the condensing unit. (hint: if it’s making noise, humming or the fans blowing, it has power 🙂
  2. Check the thermostat. Make sure it has batteries, that the ‘MODE’ is set to “COOL”  and that the setpoint is set lower than the temperature it is reading in the room.
  3. Ensure the furnace filter is clean. (hint: if it is making a whistling noise from the restriction it is causing, it is far too restrictive for your system.)
  4. Check to ensure the outdoor condensing coil is running and that the fins are clear and clean without any collection of dirt blocking air flow.

A/C for Hot Winnipeg Summers

Weather Tech Heating and Cooling is your reliable choice for air conditioner repair in Winnipeg. We have years of experience in AC repairs, routine maintenance, installations, and service. Our technicians are highly skilled and professional with extensive experience in the industry.

We will service or tune up your air conditioner to keep it performing at top efficiency. If your unit is broken, we will give you fair pricing options, and our recommendation if a fix, or replacement would be a better choice.

Our service backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Comprehensive A/C Diagnostic and Safety Check in Winnipeg

Our maintenance services include:

  • Inspect compressor, fans, controls, and sensors
  • Clean both indoor and outdoor components
  • Clean condensation systems
  • Check the Freon / refrigerant and levels
  • Inspect electrical components

All maintenance is always performed up to, or exceeding the manufacturer’s specifications.

The best advice a Red Seal Technician can give someone with regards to keeping their A/C running is to keep It clean! So for air conditioner maintenance in Winnipeg, look no further than Weather Tech!

But as for what you can do, A clean furnace filter and a clean outdoor Condenser coil are paramount to a well working and efficient air conditioner. If you use better air filters that means they catch more dust, which means they need to be replaced more often. That’s different for every household because it is dependent on many different variables.
The same is true about A/C condensing units. Some units get dirty very quickly due to the environment around them. Dandelion fluffs, tree seeds, gravel roads and many other culprits will cause the coil of your outdoor A/C condenser to plug up. Even a slightly dirty condenser will restrict airflow enough to cause your A/C to run longer than necessary to cool your home. That means it’s costing you more money on the electrical bill and taking longer to deliver your comfort. And running that air conditioner compressor with restricted air flow can drastically shorten the life expectancy meaning you will have to replace it a whole lot sooner than you would have needed as well. Not to mention the hassles and expenses of the repairs leaving you sweating in your home on the long weekend.
Small price to pay for a maintenance agreement.

We have many years of experience in AC repairs, routine maintenance, and HVAC service. Don’t hesitate to call Winnipeg’s Weather Tech as we are available 24/7 for emergency service calls. Our technicians are highly skilled and professional with broad experience in the industry. We will service or repair your air conditioner to keep it performing efficiently. We provide you with service that is backed 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We also provide air conditioner care and maintenance services. For a comfortable indoor environment, you need to keep your cooling system operating at its optimal performance. Eventually all equipment needs professional maintenance to keep it running optimally. It is wise to have you’re a/c unit serviced on a yearly basis to be sure you won’t run into any problems during those hot months when you really need it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Furnace Repair Services

How often you clean your air conditioner is dependent on many variables. Some condensers are installed in an area susceptible to get plugged up faster than others. This is true if they are in an area with a lot of seeds blowing around the unit or especially if the outdoor condenser gets installed too close to the dryer vent, The indoor coil only gets dirty if the furnace filter has been neglected. Other than keeping it clean, A/C units should get inspected regularly to ensure all electrical is safe and performing well as well as visually there are no signs of issues. If it is not performing as it used to, it is definitely time to have one of our professionals come take a look.

Weather tech charges $129 for a thorough inspection which includes a cleaning.

This greatly depends on the time you call. Weather Tech has 24 hr. emergency service but a regular service call can be booked ‘same day’ most every time.

A technician comes to the home and inspects the entire system to assess the issues it may have and after a thorough diagnostic, will then inform the customer of the options they have, pricing for each option, as well as any recommendations to assist in making the best possible decision for their circumstance.

If an A/C system is not serviced, it may still operate, however, it will definitely not be performing at peak efficiency. This means more energy consumption and costs. Not to mention the longevity of that system is put seriously at risk by running at much higher temperatures and pressures. It will be more susceptible to breakdowns and developing expensive repairs such as leaks etc. It is far less expensive to have preventative maintenance done and avoid untimely breakdowns and repair costs.

Very important throughout the year to keep your furnace filter clean, but never more important than summer when the A/C is running. A/C depends so much on adequate air flow and anything but will cause issues and effect performance greatly.

We prefer to schedule work on A/C systems during daylight hours, however, if it is an emergency, we offer 24/7 service.

Yes, Winnipeg and surrounding areas. This includes homes as well as businesses.