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Living without an air conditioner during the summer heat can be a nightmare. If you do not have the proper cooling equipment or if it is not working properly, you might end up suffering in stuffy sweltering conditions that can be common in a Winnipeg summer.

If you need to replace an existing unit, or you want to install a brand-new air conditioner in a home that does not have one, Weather Tech Heating and Cooling can help you right now. Our technicians are both trained and experienced to know what equipment will get you the desired results for your home. You can rest assured our responsible and highly-qualified professionals will make sure your equipment is properly and installed and tested before we leave the site.

We can work with your schedule to make sure that we find a time for installing your new A/C unit happens with the least impact on your busy life. Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, to ensure our customers get the support they need at any time.

Why Choose Weather Tech Heating and Cooling?

We have an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. The highest rating is a result of our superior services and great customer satisfaction. We receive a constant stream of satisfied customer reviews, not only on BBB, but also on social media and Google. We have also been partners with Costco for the last 12 years installing for their air conditioning installation services, and they truly believe in us and believe we are the right choice to represent them properly.

We are recognized as a Premier Lennox Dealer, and we ensure we continue providing high quality services and maintain our status. We will continue to strive to bring our customers the quality of service that they have experienced working with us.

There are many brands and options in air conditioning systems today, but our certified technicians are able to work on any make or model. We strive to provide reliable service at an affordable price. Do not let a low budget stop you from giving us a call and solving the problem with cooling.

Give us a call and request a free quote at 204-799-4926. We consider not only your budget, but your space, your equipment, and your temperature control needs to offer you the best possible assistance. We value our customers and we believe in loyalty, so we always try to provide the best service we can to keep our customers satisfied.

Air Conditioning Installation Services | Weather Tech Heating and Cooling
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Air Conditioning Installation Winnipeg

If you’re looking for an air conditioning replacement in Winnipeg, then your biggest task is finding the right installers. Good equipment is secondary to getting it installed properly to ensure the longevity of the system as well as the efficiency at which it performs.

When searching for air conditioning contractors in Winnipeg look no further than Weather Tech Heating & Cooling. Unrivaled customer service ensuring your satisfaction lasts long after the day of installation.

We would be honoured to provide a free, no obligation assessment of your home or business’ HVAC system. We have many different air conditioning models to choose from which can address any of your needs and demands specific to your home or business.

Picking a system that’s quiet, efficient and fits your budget are all very important. Getting a contractor with the expertise to know what the best location to install the condenser and where in the plenum is the most ideal placement for the evaporator coil. We believe in keeping up to date with training and that best practices are always employed in every job. We put our names on every job we do and are sure to respect your property while we perform your installation.

Financing options are available.

Whether it’s AC installations for homeowners in Winnipeg or AC installations for business in Winnipeg, we got you covered!

Air Conditioning Installation Services | Weather Tech Heating and Cooling

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning Installation

Why is air conditioning installation important in Winnipeg?

Having an air conditioner not only keeps you comfortable in your home but it also keeps humidity levels down. Excess humidity is problematic when it comes to mold and spores etc. Humidity levels are very important to your health.

How much does it cost to install air conditioning in Winnipeg, MB?

Price for an A/C installation depends very much on the size of your home, type of system you purchase, as well as the difficulty of the installation with regards to your specific home or business.

Can I install my own air conditioning in Winnipeg?

This depends on your abilities and know-how of course, however, it also depends if you are licenced. Permits must be pulled and anyone who handles refrigerants in Manitoba must have their M.O.P.I.A. ticket. This is to ensure they know how to properly handle different refrigerants and are accustomed to the lawful protocols for our region. High voltage electrical is also needed for these systems and an experienced licenced professional is a must.

What is the average cost to install an air conditioner in Manitoba?

Prices for an average A/C installation in Manitoba ranges from $2450 all the way to $5000.  You can definitely spend more if you are looking for a higher end system that can provide extra comforts as well as lower running costs.

Does Weather Tech Heating and Cooling do air conditioner installation?

Yes, Weather Tech Heating & Cooling maintains, repairs and installs all different kinds of air conditioning.

When is it time for me to replace my current heating or cooling system?

In Winnipeg, our air conditioning season is shorter than in the south, however, we have very hot summers! This means it is very important our A/C’s are working well when we need them. Although it is beneficial to get many seasons out of an air conditioner, we can all be certain that all good things must come to an end. The trick is to time the replacement precisely before the last breakdown. No one can read the future but traditionally A/C’s last around 17 years or so. They can last longer, however, it usually the cost of the repair which convinces us to replace rather than dump money into an older piece of equipment. Much like an old car, we do not want to throw good money into a poor investment. Many variables will shape our decision on this, but our technicians can confidently help make the recommendation you need to make the best possible decision.

Can a window AC be installed in a ventilation shaft?

No, a window unit normally needs a window opening or can sometimes even be permanently installed into a wall if the proper opening is made.

Can you install an outside AC unit in the rain?

The question is, should you install an A/C in the rain, Our answer is no. There are many specialty tools needed to properly install an A/C and one of them is to ensure ALL the moisture is removed from the system. Installing an A/C while it is raining endangers this not to mention working with High Voltage would not be wise. Can you…YES. Should you? No.

How much time does it take to install a split AC in Winnipeg?

This greatly depends on the difficulty of the install. On average an A/C install will take approximately half a day but more if there are obstacles or variables which take longer such as longer copper runs or closed ceilings etc.

Does Weather Tech Heating and Cooling offer air conditioning installations throughout Manitoba including Winnipeg?

Yes, Although a majority of our installs are in Winnipeg, we can, and very often do travel outside of Winnipeg for installations.