Dryer Vent Cleaning in Winnipeg, MB

Dryer Vent Cleaning Instructions

  • Technician removes and cleans lint trap
  • Technician takes the measurement of airflow using an air flow meter at the exterior dryer vent
  • The back of the dryer is topically cleaned, as this is where lint can accumulate
  • The dryer vent and flexible ducting from the wall are visually inspected using the video inspection system
  • The HEPA vacuum system is connected to dryer vent duct. Dryer duct auger is run through the duct to remove any blockages
  • Airflow is measured again to gauge improvement before and after cleaning.
  • The camera is used again for post cleaning inspection

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dryer Vent Cleaning

It is when we clean out the dryer vent removing all of the dryer lint and debris.  This ensures more efficient dryer performance and prevents the fire hazard of lint filled vents.

Among many of the reasons that it could be, one of the most common is that the dryer vent is too dirty, Cleaning the lint trap is important and so is ensuring the vent is regularly cleared out.

Yes. If a dryer can exhaust without restriction, this will ensure efficient operation.

To prevent fires and save money with lower run times.

Yes, by having your dryer vent professionally cleaned, your clothes dryer will run more efficiently. Your dryer will not have to run as long, lessening the wear and tear on your dryer, reducing your need for repair and lengthening the life of your dryer.

Although a homeowner can clean dryer vents, it is advised that you consult a professional.  Most homeowners don’t have the special equipment required to do a thorough job. A professional has special tools such as video inspection equipment to give a visual of the hard-to-reach areas of the dryer vent system. We also offer air duct cleaning services.

Using the following as a checklist, you can get a good idea if your dryer vent is in need of cleaning:

  • Loads of clothing are taking longer to dry.
  • Clothing is very hot and still damp when dryer finishes (especially heavy items especially, such as towels).
  • The dryer itself feels hotter.
  • There may be no lint on the lint screen (i.e. the exhaust system is clogged).

We charge $159 to clean an average dryer vent Longer runs and more difficult access can cause prices to increase.

Yes. If your dryer vent is filled with lint this will greatly increase your chances of having a fire.

Although it is possible to clean your own dryer vent, it is also potentially dangerous to not properly handle an exhaust vent to this appliance. Some jobs are best left to the properly trained professionals.

Nothing at all. These two terms are referencing the same item.