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How’s the Weather in YOUR Office? We do commercial HVAC Repair too! Whether you’re looking to get the temperatures back to normal with some needed service work to your rooftop unit or are looking to just get the filters changed and a tune up on your company HVAC system, we can help. Our gas fitters are well trained in the safe installation of rooftop package units as well as what they may need to get them up and running again if they are out of commission.

Weather Tech is proud to be one of the most reliable heating and cooling experts in Winnipeg. Repairing even older systems will not pose any problems for us. Furthermore, we are familiar with any make and model you might have installed and had a high level of understanding of the common issues that these units might experience. Our staff will always perform routine full system analysis, determine the problem, and then formulate a solution.

By choosing Weather Tech, you get the biggest bang for your buck. We do not only handle repairs efficiently but also offer quality customer service by ensuring that the solutions suit your preferences and that they will last. All you have to do is make the call, and we will provide accurate commercial HVAC repairs.

Repair and Installation Service Winnipeg

Our team at Weather Tech specializes in various technical areas of heating and cooling systems, or other related Commercial HVAC repair and systems including commercial units. Furthermore, we always ensure that our products are carefully selected, and install only quality parts and systems that come from top-notch manufacturers. In the case of a unit being beyond repair, we always offer a competitive quote on the best product for your situation.

At Weather Tech, we not only have reliable professionals and services but also prioritize our customers, so that everyone will be satisfied with our services. You will not regret choosing to rely on us for your Commercial HVAC repairs.

Commercial HVAC Installation and Repair | Weather Tech Heating and Cooling

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial HVAC Repair & Installation:

Commercial covers a variety of business however, usually medium sized or smaller buildings using a package system mounted on the roof of their building. Sometimes businesses can use many roof top units for a larger building. Industrial systems are mainly used for very large scale buildings.

You can use residential furnaces and air conditioners for commercial applications or many times a package system will have the larger capacities needed for large businesses and heat load demands.

Yes, especially in Winnipeg where the need for HVAC systems are in such demand due to our climate.

By ensuring your system gets regular annual routine maintenance

To ensure efficiency as well as preventing costly breakdowns

Yes, Weather Tech Heating and Cooling offer commercial HVAC repair services throughout Manitoba including Winnipeg.