Potential Ductless AC Problems

Many Winnipeg homeowners are opting for ductless air conditioners instead of installing central A/C systems. Especially if they have a boiler heating system, wherein a central A/C system cannot be installed.  Ductless split systems are the perfect solution to cool these homes in the hot summer months and even provide heat in summer’s shoulder seasons too!

In certain situations, a ductless system can work more efficiently, be easier to maintain, and lower your utility bill. In addition, it gives you the option of controlling the specific temperature in different parts of your house. They are very popular for commercial applications such as computer rooms and kitchens where temperature is so critical but are becoming very popular on the residential scene too with applications like sunrooms and upper loft areas where cooling can be difficult to otherwise be achieved. This advantage provides optimal comfort in every room, or specific rooms that require more cooling. A ductless air conditioner also runs quietly, possibly with less noise than a regular HVAC unit.

For all of its advantages, homeowners need to be careful to avoid problems with their ductless systems before they occur. This is especially critical during the summer when the Winnipeg weather can be extremely hot and humid when you and your family rely on it to provide the necessary level of comfort.

Be Mindful of Leaks

Leaks can turn into serious problems. If you notice any water around your air conditioning unit, turn it off immediately. A professional technician from Weather Tech Heating and Cooling will be able to identify and resolve the source of the issue.

Making Your Ductless A/C Work Harder

If you habitually keep doors and windows open and allow hot air inside, your A/C unit must work harder than it normally would. This puts a strain on the system that will not only weaken its effectiveness but will also shorten its lifespan. So be sure to close your windows and doors to help your cooling system working at its optimal efficiency.

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant in your A/C does not diminish or run out, but it can leak. These leaks will only get worse and need to be repaired as soon as possible.

Your refrigerant might be leaking if you notice your unit blowing warm rather than cool air. If your refrigerant is low, nothing is regulating the temperature in the equipment, which allows ice to form when the condensation freezes.

Some homeowners simply add more refrigerant to the unit. However, the leak will remain and continue leaking. This can cause more damage to your hardware and shorten its lifespan. Recharging a unit without repairing the leak is also against the laws set by M.O.P.I.A. (Manitoba Ozone Protection Industry Association) and can incur fines of up to $50,000.

If you suspect your refrigerant is low, call in a trained technician to check the entire system for problems as attempting to repair it yourself could make it worse.

Installing Your Own Ductless Air Conditioning System

While you may feel installing a ductless A/C unit is relatively quick and easy, improper installation can cause deficient future performance. Instead of installing the unit yourself, contact a certified local HVAC Winnipeg technician so you can rest assured that the job is done properly. Most units have warranties that are valid only if the system was installed by a qualified professional, so be sure to check your unit’s manual.

Improper Maintenance

Unless all components in your A/C work properly, the system will not function when you need it the most during the summer. Before the season begins, have a technician check filters and coil, as well as for possible leaks. This will assure you that your system will work properly and will help prevent expensive future repairs.

Your new ductless air conditioner will be an asset to your home. Be sure to schedule regular and proper maintenance with Weather Tech Heating and Cooling so that it will keep working optimally for years to come.

Steve De Vries is a “Red Seal” refrigeration technician with over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry. He has been a certified Lennox Premier technician since 2006. Steve is also a Master gas-fitter licensed by the province of Manitoba. Along with his Red Seal Provincial accreditation he also holds an electrical license. Born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, Steve has a very good understanding of a diverse climate and the affects it has on our construction. Well versed in duct design, fabrication, ventilation, and air quality, Steve understands all the variables to take into consideration for our region as well as the science to achieve desired comfort, which is so much more than just temperature.