12 Things To Look Out For When Choosing An HVAC Company

There are a few important things to look for when choosing an HVAC contractor. Whether you are installing a new furnace or simply looking for a reputable company to maintain or repair your existing equipment.

How long have they been in business?

If it is a new business, there is a fair amount of risk you take on when hiring them. Do they have the experience needed to ensure a professional job is done and also, will they have the stamina in the industry to be there for you in order to warranty the equipment? 

Member of the BBB?

Have they put themselves out there to be openly held accountable and judged by the consumer? Are they willing to place themselves under the authority of an organization such as the BBB in order to maintain a level of excellence in their field?

Insured, bondable? 

Forbid anything wrong or unfortunate happens while you are having work done in your home, but if it does, are you covered? A proper company will have this insurance for your property as well as their employees while they work in or around your home. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of this either, every company that has paid into this should be more than proud to show it off.

Reviews online?

Check them out. You should have no problems finding their presence online and finding those who have had experience with them in their homes, the quality of their workmanship, and how much they would recommend them to others. It is a new world and this information is very transparent these days, so why not take advantage? You could save yourself a lot of headaches by simply reading a few reviews.

Licenced, pulling proper permits?

I’ve heard many horror stories of companies promising to do quality work and even more, promising to pull a permit, but never actually doing that. You need a proper accreditation to pull a permit and if you do not have a journeyman Red Seal licence here in Manitoba, you will not be able to pull a permit either.

After Hours service?

Almost every HVAC company in Manitoba offers emergency service, however, what that means to them may mean something totally different to you. Don’t be afraid to call their 24/7 phone line to see just how available they are. The last thing you need is to get a call centre halfway around the world and the run around of any kind when it’s a cold night and your new furnace is not working as promised. Weather Tech Heating & Cooling has an actual 24/7 answering service with our technicians on call every night of the year!

Free estimates? 

Are they charging you for a quotation? You should be able to have an in home consultation for new HVAC equipment at no charge and no obligation.

Willing to provide a professional quote? 

Are they giving you a written or emailed proposal that explains in detail the work they will deliver as well as the warranty they promise? Watch out for the fine print and what you are on the hook for in order to maintain your warranty! It is not uncommon for many companies to promise the world only to get your business and your money. Read it over carefully and do not sign anything without a careful read.

Provide options and spend time addressing issues in your home to ensure your next HVAC equipment is right for you? 

There are many models of furnaces even within the same name brand. This is because no two homes are the same with regards to their needs. What is important to you, your home, your family? Do you have issues you simply ‘live with’ because no one ever asked you what it is you dislike about your home heating. Many companies try to sell what they have in stock instead of finding out what is best for you.

Do you have cold rooms? Good airflow everywhere? Too dry? Too humid? Too much dust? Feel tired often? And the list goes on. All too often people live with issues we can fix very easily. We listen to you. We ask the right questions. We install a system you will be happy with.

Polite and courteous? 

If the person who answers the phone or the individual who shows up at your door does not seem polite or even worse, does not show proper respect for you, your family, or your home and property, it’s time to take a step back and make sure they will deserve your business.

Helpful and not pushy? 

HVAC sales persons very often work off commission. I have heard horror stories of just how assertive and outright pushy they can get. Never sign anything or agree to anything you have not had an ample time to look over. This is the biggest most costly piece of equipment needed in a home and should never be rushed. It is a 20 year decision and should be given an appropriate amount of time to ensure the right choice is made. Ask questions,… as many as you can think of.

Has an office or place of business?

Do they have an actual place of business or are they a little too fly by night? In the industry we call them “tailgaters”. It is a term used for those ‘side job techs’ who are looking for extra income and do not give much thought to future after sales service, let alone any possible warranty work.


If they are a reputable business, in this day and age,they will most definitely have a proper website. Check it out. You can tell a lot by a business by how much effort they have put into their website and how much information they provide for their customers.