Heating and Cooling Maintenance Tips/Checklist

If you’re planning a big road trip one ‘no brainer’ is to ensure the vehicle will get you along your way, safely, comfortably, and without the inconvenience of an unplanned breakdown which can sabotage the whole plan!

As a Winnipeger, one of our winters or one of our summers is one heck of a trip we take and, like a road trip, we need to ensure our home’s HVAC furnace system is ready for the journey to provide a safe, comfortable and ideally, uninterrupted operation.

Here are a few things you can look at yourself to do your share to prepare for your seasonal journey:

  • Check batteries in your thermostat if needed
  • Check for any ‘alerts’ or ‘error codes’ on your thermostat if it has a newer type system that has the option to do so
  • Monthly inspection of your furnace filter, yes, especially during summer!
  • Listen for any noises on start up of your equipment
  • Pay attention to any smells from the ductwork and vents
  • Open up an inspection panel above your furnace to inspect the air conditioning evaporator coil. Check for build up of dust or debris
  • Look closely for water around your equipment and especially for any signs of rust or water stains where a leak has taken place
  • Pulling off hoses and checking for drains is also beneficial but you also need to be careful with doing this. This step may be best left to the professionals unless you’re confident you know how to go about properly going about this.
  • A visual inspection of the equipment can be quite telling. Inspecting the electrical and looking for any blackened or signs of ‘arcing’
  • Ensure the cabinet doors are secure and there are no major air leaks around the cabinet or ducts.
  • Gently clean off the outdoor condensing unit with a soft brush making sure not to damage the fragile aluminum fins and even using a garden hose to clear it of dirt.
  • Make sure there are no plants growing around the outdoor unit which block off much needed airflow for efficient operation
  • Look for signs of oil leaks on or around copper pipes.
  • Inspect fan for true quiet operation and a close visual inspection while stationary.
  • Ensure insulation covers the larger copper lines well to avoid condensation leaks
  • Check for the outdoor unit is sitting close to level to avoid undue stress on the copper lines
  • Check filters in your H.R.V
  • Check to make sure the intake vents are clear. These are usually found under the hoods on the side of your home and often get clogged with debris blocking off much needed fresh air to your home!
  • Check the top of your gas water heater to make sure the plastic toppers aren’t melting! This is something we see all too often and it means your home suffers from negative pressure. This is extremely important to take care of. We can fix that.

Furnace Installed By Qualified Technicians | Weather Tech Heating and Cooling

Preventative Maintenance in Winnipeg is no luxury, it’s just smart. Mechanical equipment needs attention, we all know this, so making sure it’s on our time, and budgeted for, is wise.
Weather Tech Heating and Cooling Services in Manitoba are the perfect candidates to maintain and service your HVAC equipment for your home and we even do maintenance, installations and commercial HVAC repair in Winnipeg. We have Maintenance agreements which will save you even more money and give you the confidence you need to take your seasonal journey!