Way to Avoid Costly, Surprise HVAC Repairs

Lately, there has been an increase in the amount of your budget that it takes to keep your home operating smoothly.  And while there are things that can be ‘massaged’ and/or ‘cut’ from the budget to make it all work, there are just some things we cannot leave unattended and left outside our necessary budgeted items.  One of these things in Winnipeg is your furnace fresh air and air conditioning or HVAC system.  The autumn season may assist with our procrastination, however, sooner or later, we must face the music and ensure the furnace system is up to the task of a heating your home during another Manitoba Winter.  Some may even wait for that first brisk morning where it feels far too comfortable in bed to venture onto an icy floor through a chilled home to re-educate oneself on the ins and outs of thermostat settings, only to find out Murphy’s Law has reared its ugly head once again and reminded you how important it is to have a working furnace.  It’s become a busy day and we’re now starting it icy cold & uncomfortable.   Quite the scenario, but the truth is, there’s never a good time to deal with an unplanned setback that demands immediate attention.  And yes, it almost always happens at the worst times.

What can you do to to avoid costly HVAC repairs?

Well, there’s a few things actually.  The first couple are easy.  

  • Keep a clean filter in your furnace. (yes, ALL furnaces have filters)  Know your size and always keep an extra, (or several), around.  
  • Replace the batteries in your thermostat if yours is a battery operated thermostat
  • Ensure all the vents are clear from obstructions and blow good airflow when you switch the FAN to the ON position on your thermostat 

After these are addressed, there is nothing more a homeowner should address on their own.  The furnaces of today are pretty well equipped with safeties and sensors that keep it running however, much like an automobile, running does not always mean running well.  And when it’s not running well, that often means something is not right.  So often it is something that can be very easily addressed with a routine annual inspection. 

Annual Furnace Inspection

It’s one thing if your furnace is not operating as it was engineered to and you are just burning more gas than you need to but this also means it is affecting other components of your system as well.  So not only are your monthly heating bills higher than they need to be, but you’re paying more while causing damage to your furnace as well!  High efficient furnaces are not like the furnace your mom and dad had in the basement, they have much more technology and components to maintain.  Plugged condensate drains and ports must be kept clean to prevent flue exhaust motors from spinning underwater and incomplete combustion causing carbon and aldehyde build up on sensors which prevent operation, not to mention running higher temperatures causing premature heat exchanger cracks, high safety limit failures and the list goes on.  So many things on a furnace are prey due to a poor maintenance routine.  A very thorough maintenance will have the technician pull the furnace blower and clean the squirrel cage to ensure the proper amount of air is being delivered through your ducts to each room, but also so that the blower is keeping the furnace itself at the proper temperature.  Every furnace is engineered to only withstand a certain amount of heat.  Once the blower is dirty, that automatically creeps up the temperature of your metal heat exchanger.  Metal contracts and expands with these different temperatures and if it gets too hot, the metal fatigue will be sure to limit the longevity of your furnace.  Once that heat exchanger cracks, it opens the door to even deadlier issues than a cold home.  

Carbon Monoxide is a silent, odourless, deadly killer.

So, if you’re into… 

  • Living safely
  • Protecting your investment
  • Saving money
  • Budgeting wisely
  • Minimalizing setbacks

…Then I believe you would be wise to put a Preventative Maintenance schedule in place for your home.

This doesn’t need to be a very costly budget item either.  Here in Winnipeg we at  Weather Tech Heating & Cooling we offer a few different options for furnace and air conditioner maintenance. 

Although there is no replacement for a thorough maintenance review, some of our customers simply want us to give their equipment a ‘once over’ to inspect all the safeties and ensure proper operation.  There are a number of more common issues we see each Winter and we do our best to ensure these common issues do not cause any setbacks for your heating season.  We offer furnace repair services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, however, we would rather not be called in the middle of the night either 😉 

Making sure you have your maintenance done by a licensed and professionally trained HVAC company is of the utmost importance as well.  

We recommend taking care of all of your HVAC equipment to prevent inefficiencies, long term damage and to ensure the maximum longevity of all of your HVAC equipment.  We provide maintenance on home air conditioners as well as Air Conditioner Repair Services in Winnipeg.

Issues caught early can prevent expensive repairs!

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