Does it matter what kind of thermostat you have in your home?

What are the benefits of today’s high tech thermostats?  

At Weather Tech heating & Cooling, when we install a new furnace, unless instructed otherwise, we also install a new thermostat. The idea is to have something installed that will provide years of trouble free service along with their new Lennox furnace. We always provide a number of choices that would make a good fit. Determining that good fit means listening to our customers’ idea of what their thermostat should do for them as well as educating them on where thermostat technology is at these days, and seeing if that interests them at all.  

Features of a thermostat

One of the more obvious abilities most of us want on a thermostat is a program that will save us money while we sleep or while we’re not home. A setback option where it lowers or, in the case of summer, allows the temperature to rise a few degrees from the normal set point.  This allows us to save money and place less stress on the HVAC equipment. That’s a win/win!

Heating/cooling zones in your home

It seems the last decade has produced a few options for thermostats on the market and people seem to be interested because we see a fair amount of them when we go into people’s homes. While some of the options and abilities of these thermostats seem to deliver, there are others which in my opinion, may be a little towards when it comes to performing exactly what they promise. For instance, a thermostat alone can not zone your home. Zoning a home where it provides accurate temperatures to different parts of the home in order to address hot and cold spots takes not only different temperature sensors in each zone but also set points in each zone. This also requires mechanical dampers in the ductwork which is dedicated to each zone. Properly executed, it also requires a furnace that can provide a variable amount of heat, cooling, and airflow needed depending on how many zones are calling for a temperature adjustment. So purchasing a thermostat with a few sensors to average your temperature simply can be done by setting the temperature a few degrees off your traditional setpoint.

iComfort® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat | Weather Tech Heating and Cooling

Thermostat aesthetics

A thermostat should look good. After all, it sits between the photos and art that have made the cut on your walls, so why shouldn’t it be pleasing to the eye. There are many options for thermostats so finding one that makes the grade shouldn’t be too difficult. Our Lennox S30 has the option to upload any pictures so whether it’s a Van Gogh or the family portrait, you can easily disguise it up there on your wall.

Smartphone technology

One of the most popular upgrades to thermostats over the years has been the ability to be controlled by your smartphone. These days they are making every appliance wifi enabled.  Having the ability to check in on your home while you’re snowbirding to ensure the pipes aren’t freezing, or even to be able to turn on the A/C in your house so it’s nice and cool for when you get back from the cottage. Everyone has their own reasons for that extra control, and whatever it is, we have the technology to help you make your home more comfortable.

Smart Thermostat Technology

Another big addition is the ability to communicate with your equipment. This is beneficial for a couple of reasons. First, it actually can adjust how your variable furnace heats your home specifically. It does this by monitoring the algorithms of each heating cycle and making the appropriate adjustments with how much gas is delivered to the valve as well as how much air is delivered through the vents. If that weren’t enough reason to sign up for added comfort and efficiency, the communication also allows for the thermostat to be informed of any issues that may be occurring. The thermostat then displays what ‘error’ is occurring. This means the homeowner now knows what’s wrong prior to the technician coming out. When Weather Tech Heating & Cooling installs a communicating thermostat such as the S30, we also give the customer the option to allow our dispatch to get updates and notifications on any alarms their furnace may be having. This means we can have a technician out with the malfunctioning parts your furnace may need or be prepared to address the communicated error. 

Additional thermostat features

Some other great addons are the thermostat’s ability to tell you the temperature outside and even the weather forecast for the day. It’s nice walking down the hallway to get your morning coffee and knowing how to dress for your day. Lennox has the ‘feels like’ option too. We all know how 15 degrees feels completely different in the fall than in the spring. And while that has a lot to do with being climatized, it also has a lot to do with relative humidity. So the new Lennox thermostat has the ability to keep you comfortable when the humidity is affecting your temperatures, …pretty smart!

Having a ‘Star Trek’ thermostat isn’t for everyone. Some people just love the new technology and some would rather just keep it simple. But having the tech doesn’t have to be confusing either. A lot of the design of these controls ensures that they’re easy to use as well. Navigating through the easy-to-find menus ensures these extra options are not a hindrance to the benefits they provide. 

So, if you have questions about a new thermostat for your home, don’t hesitate to let us know of your questions or concerns. Chances are if it would be a great option for your thermostat, it exists, and we can install it for you.

It’s all about making you comfortable, the temperature comfortable, and peace of mind comfortable.

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