Preparing Your House For Spring

The snow is finally off the ground, and hopefully it will stay that way until November…  The beauty of the blossoming flowers, the birds singing every morning and the moderate temperatures are the main reason that make Spring the perfect season to enjoy the beauty of the nature. However, as the season has changed there will be some maintenance required on your home.

The bad weather during Winter tends to make us spend a lot more time in the house. As a result, we end up procrastinating or forgetting about some important maintenance. It is important to check your home for necessary repairs and get it ready for Spring. As we all know, once the weather is nice you will want to spend your time enjoying the outdoors rather than working on home repairs.

Here are a few tips that homeowners can follow to ensure their house is completely ready for Spring:


Examine Roof Shingles

Inspecting your roof is an extremely important part of the process of preparing your house for Spring. The Summer’s hot sun, howling winds, heavy rains, as well as the Winter’s snow, ice and cold, can cause a damage to your shingles. So, it is important to check them as Spring rolls in.

Old shingles need special attention, as they might need replacement.  It is also essential to check for damage to skylights and chimneys. If anything is found, do not think twice before repairing it as soon as possible. A small problem can escalate quickly if left alone.


Check & Clean the Gutters

Gutters can become loose and clogged by debris such as leaves and twigs. Therefore, it is important to get them checked and cleaned at least twice a year, once in the Fall and once during the Spring. If they are not properly repaired, the gutters can become cracked and leaky which could let water into the house. Make sure to properly clean leaves and debris from the gutters and leave them in good condition for the coming Spring and Summer weather.


Check Outside Faucets

Most homes have at least one outside faucet or possibly several faucets, that are designed to be “frost proof.” However, the extreme Winter cold can sometimes damage faucets by freezing them, which can cause a pipe to burst.

You can find out if the faucets are not working properly by operating a quick test that consists of turning them on for a little while and then turning them off. If there is water where it should be dry, then this could indicate that the pipe is possibly damaged and needs a replacement or repaired. Make sure to check inside the house at the point that the pipe for the faucet goes through the wall for leaks and water damage.


Service the AC Unit

Check the outside unit of the air conditioning system to see if it is working properly by hiring a qualified AC repair contractors in Winnipeg to inspect and service your air conditioning unit. Coils will work better and more efficiently if they are clean and repaired on a regular basis.


Do Maintenance on Lawn Equipment

Check the mower and other gas or battery-powered equipment. Change the oil and the gas, and make sure you install new spark plugs if necessary. Remember, you will be using the mower a lot once the weather starts warming up and the grass starts to grow. Gardening tools will be very important during this season also; so be certain that everything is clean and working properly.


Steve De Vries is a “Red Seal” refrigeration technician with over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry. He has been a certified Lennox Premier technician since 2006. Steve is also a Master gas-fitter licensed by the province of Manitoba. Along with his Red Seal Provincial accreditation he also holds an electrical license. Born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, Steve has a very good understanding of a diverse climate and the affects it has on our construction. Well versed in duct design, fabrication, ventilation, and air quality, Steve understands all the variables to take into consideration for our region as well as the science to achieve desired comfort, which is so much more than just temperature.