Identifying & Avoiding AC Repair Scams in Winnipeg, MB

There are many dishonest HVAC companies out there. If you’re not careful, you could risk losing a lot of good money to bad advice. Sometimes the company itself has good intentions but they entice their employees to sell, sell, sell! They set sales goals for their service technicians and place large incentives for their employees to argue why a system needs replacing instead of a simple repair.

Bad advice? How can you tell the difference? These are good questions.
Sometimes, it’s not an easy decision even with honest advice.

It is good advice to do your own research by talking to friends and neighbours on their experiences to find out what you can expect from your equipment. How long it should last, how much to spend on repairs before deciding it’s better to replace, the list of questions is endless! If you’re not researching to educate yourself on HVAC repair or replacement then you’re stuck trusting the technician in your home making the recommendations. That’s why choosing your HVAC contractor is so important.

Things to avoid are:

  1. signing a long term contract for your equipment
  2. Buying a piece of equipment with the promise to use that company for maintenance in order to maintain the promised warranty, regardless of yearly price increases
  3. Monthly rental fees that never stop and have you paying twice as much as the equipment is worth. It is much less to buy it outright.
  4. Being forced into making a quick uninformed decision
  5. Installing a system with a company who can do it right away!
  6. A company who wants to save money for you by not getting a permit

If you are looking for Air Conditioner Repair in Winnipeg, make sure they belong to the BBB and check out their online reviews if you can. If there is a ton of negative reviews that probably isn’t a good sign. Check also to see if the company has taken the time to respond to their customers concerns.

Logo of BBB - Highly Rated Service | Weather Tech Heating and Cooling

For the most part an air conditioner can be fixed. If the unit is under 15 years old in Winnipeg, it can be wise to repair it. Some repairs make no sense such as replacement of coils or any repair that costs more than 1/3rd of what it costs to buy new. It’s like an old car that way, although it can be fixed, that may not mean you should. But very often it can be small electrical repairs or a fan motor. A good technician will check voltages and amperages and temperatures and pressures to try and ascertain the overall health of a system which will point to whether or not it should be repaired or replaced.

If you want a trustworthy company who promises fair pricing and an honest opinion, just type in Air Conditioner Installation Winnipeg in the Google bar and stop when you see Weather Tech Heating & Cooling! We can help with all your homes HVAC needs, We even offer Commercial AC Repair in Manitoba, Heating repairs, as well as installations!