How to change a Furnace Filter

A furnace filter full of dust.When does one need to change the furnace filter?


One has to change the filter when it is dirty. If you do not, your furnace can become clogged with dirt and dust. Not only that, your air will not be as clean, because your furnace will be blowing all that dirty and dusty air throughout your house. With a clean filter you will get more efficient air conditioning in the summer, as well as heating in winter. Moreover, you will be able to extend the life of the furnace and you can save on the utility bill as well. When you replace the furnace filter, you will also have cleaner air in your home or office.


Changing a furnace filter is quite an easy task, but should be done in a proper way. It is very important for a person to know how to change the furnace filter. If a filter is put in backwards, then it could impede the airflow, and it will not clean the air properly and possibly damage your furnace. It is also important to buy the correct furnace filter to get the best results. If you want to change the furnace filter properly, it is best to follow the correct installation procedure that is stated in the manual of your furnace. If you do not have the manual, you can check the make and model number online for a manual or contact Weather Tech Heating & Cooling for help.


First, you have to check what type of filter you need. You can easily find the furnace filter size that is printed on the existing filter’s cardboard frame. Furnace filters are available in stores and can be ordered online.


Normal furnace air filters.Once you have your new filter that is suitable to your needs you will need to switch off the furnace. Then you will remove the cover of the panel where the filter is located. Next, remove the current furnace filter that in the furnace slowly and carefully and dispose of it into a garbage bag so that you don’t spread the dirt and dust around that is caught in the filter. Look for the arrow which is located on the filter that indicates the airflow direction. With the help of the marker, mark the direction of airflow on the outer surface of the furnace (it will make your work more easy for the future). Now, follow the markings, which will guide you how to place the filter. After that, slide the filter into place and then replace the cover. Your furnace can now be switched back on. This is a great time to set a reminder on your smartphone or your calendar to replace your filter at the next recommended interval.


Generally the process of changing the furnace filter is easy, but sometimes a person may face an unexpected problem. If that happens, one can call Weather Tech Heating and Cooling as we can repair furnaces of any make or model or change the furnace filter as required. A professional will offer the best services related to your furnace as well as they can recommend the best furnace filter that will optimize the efficiency of the furnace.

Steve De Vries is a “Red Seal” refrigeration technician with over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry. He has been a certified Lennox Premier technician since 2006. Steve is also a Master gas-fitter licensed by the province of Manitoba. Along with his Red Seal Provincial accreditation he also holds an electrical license. Born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, Steve has a very good understanding of a diverse climate and the affects it has on our construction. Well versed in duct design, fabrication, ventilation, and air quality, Steve understands all the variables to take into consideration for our region as well as the science to achieve desired comfort, which is so much more than just temperature.