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Air Handlers

Lennox Air Handlers

Brand new air handler unit from Lennox.

An AHU (air handler), is a piece of equipment used to circulate and regulate air as part of an HVAC system. Buildings that use heating methods other than a forced air furnace, (like a boiler system), will use an air handler to help improve airflow throughout the building. Some AHU models also contain heating and cooling components to help the main heating or cooling system. To find out if your home or building can benefit from this technology please contact us today at 204-799-4926.

Lennox is a recognized leader in the HVAC and component industry and Weather Tech Heating and Cooling is a trusted Lennox Premier Dealer.

Air Handler Models
CBX40UHV Variable Speed Air Handler

This is the quietest and most efficient air handler available. It features variable speed technology with no loud drafts or operating sounds. The efficiency of this unit is enhanced by steady air movement and it uses 2/3 less energy than a comparable single stage model.

CBX32MV Variable Speed, Multi-position Air Handler

An air handler that was built to be quiet, its variable speed motor ramps up to avoid a noisy blast of air at start-up. It is a great solution for just about any situation.

CBX27UH Air Handler

For consistent air flow at a high efficiency, this air handler will provide comfort smoothly and quietly.

CBX32M Air Handler

With its smart and high-quality components, this air handler is an ideal addition to just about any home or office system as it offers efficient comfort all year long.

CBX25UHV Air Handler

For excellent performance and smart energy use, this model of air handler provides comfort to your home on a comfortable budget.