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How they can save you money and keep your Home healthy

Humidity on window.A home’s climate is so much more than just a temperature.  One of the characteristics of the air in your Home is how much moisture is in the air you breath.  Humidity is so often considered when it comes to a home’s HVAC systems.  It can be very uncomfortable in Winnipeg when the dry winter air infiltrates our homes.  Its bad for the hardwoods, furniture, musical instruments and waking up with a bleeding nose is never good. There are several humidifiers we install which can easily remedy those issues, but what happens when we get too much humidity?

Whether it’s in the winter or very often in the middle of a high humidity summer, a high humidity climate offers a much higher risk than just dry sinuses.  Humidity is actually a real danger that is all too often overlooked.  Especially when, in the summer, we have an option to just crank the A/C a little lower.  If our A/C is set to a lower temperature, it can mask an uncomfortable humidity issue.  However, those higher humidity situations are the ideal conditions for black mold and spores.  Controlling the humidity in our homes is more important than immediate comfort.  That being said, humidity has a lot too do with comfort and saving money!  Ever notice how a room can feel cool, but still feel “clammy”?  That’s the humidity.  It happens when you turn the A/C down and it is able to meet the lower set temperature without removing the proper amount of humidity.

You see, the Air Conditioner has two major duties:

  1. to cool the air moving through the ductwork.
  2. to remove the humidity of the same air to an acceptable level. Removing not too much, but enough.

That is why the ‘sizing’ of an A/C unit by an air conditioning Winnipeg local expert for your specific home is so important!  It’s not a one size fits all item. It must have the capacity to cool your home on the hottest day Manitoba can throw at it and at the same time, run long enough to remove the amount of humidity to make that temperature feel comfortable too.

Have you ever noticed how the same 72 degrees can feel comfortable one time but totally uncomfortable somewhere else?  I would wager if you have noticed that, it had a lot to do with the different humidity levels.  Ideally, you want an A/C that has longer run times on the hottest days.  If you’re A/C is running for a long period of time on a hot day, if it’s working properly, it’s removing humidity the whole time its running.  You can tell by that drain hose coming from the ductwork above your furnace from the A/C coil.  If its running like a faucet, that’s a good thing!  When a lot of humidity is removed, you won’t need to set the temperature setpoint as low either! <<money saver!

So, what do you do if you’re A/C is cooling off your home, but you’re still experiencing excess humidity?

Cold window with water droplets.First, try to locate where the moisture is coming from.  Very often, we get customers who have large fish tanks in their homes or sometimes indoor hot tubs.  People who bake often or have a lot of indoor plants have excess humidity.  Even if you have a large family, people can create and give off a lot of humidity in a home. The important thing is to stop humidity’s damaging effects.

If you have excess humidity, I would really suggest a LENNOX WHOLE HOME DEHUMIDIFIER.  It can easily be installed alongside your existing ductwork and air handler.  With these units you can set the desired humidity levels for your home all summer long.  It will also cut down on the electrical bills from your home’s central Air conditioner unit, and make it much more comfortable in your home, all the while cutting back on the serious potential of mold growing and health hazards.  If mold, spores and viruses are already issues in your home, I would also recommend looking into the LENNOX PURE AIR whole Home Air Purifier.

We have one installed in our home and my wife swears by it.  Our customers have given us very good reviews on them where we have installed them and if you, or your family, experience respiratory issues or sensitivities, they can be just what the doctor ordered.  Literally, you should ask your doctor to prescribe one for your home!  What it does is so much more than filter the air you breathe.  It sterilizes the spores, takes out smells, and kills mold and bacteria. Pollution is real.  It may be time to start thinking about the air you breathe in your home. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Steve De Vries is a “Red Seal” refrigeration technician with over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry. He has been a certified Lennox Premier technician since 2006. Steve is also a Master gas-fitter licensed by the province of Manitoba. Along with his Red Seal Provincial accreditation he also holds an electrical license. Born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, Steve has a very good understanding of a diverse climate and the affects it has on our construction. Well versed in duct design, fabrication, ventilation, and air quality, Steve understands all the variables to take into consideration for our region as well as the science to achieve desired comfort, which is so much more than just temperature.