Benefits of a Proactive Approach (Preventative Maintenance Agreement – PMA

Your heating system is a reliable workhorse, working effortlessly behind the scenes to keep you comfortable. However, just like any other technology it can benefit from maintenance and care throughout its life cycle to ensure continued optimal performance. Working reactively when problems arise or proactively scheduling preventative service visits are both viable options for maintaining your heating equipment’s health over time.

Proactive maintenance is the more economical and effective way to keep a furnace in optimal shape. Ignoring regular upkeep can cause metal fatigue, resulting in an overworked system that could lead to costly repairs down the line. A well-trained repair technician will take all necessary steps needed for complete diagnosis before making any replacements; these extra measures are worth taking now rather than risking further damage later on with reactive approaches.


Proper maintenance of your furnace provides comfort and efficiency, while poor maintenance sacrifices both. A well-maintained furnace runs at peak efficiency, delivers optimal comfort, and saves on energy costs. Regular maintenance also gives peace of mind, as you can detect and address signs of wear before they cause unexpected breakdowns and costly middle-of-the-night repair calls. Invest in regular maintenance to maximize your furnace’s longevity and performance.

Benefits of a Proactive Approach (Preventative Maintenance Agreement – PMA):

  • Maintains warranty by avoiding stress on equipment from lack of maintenance.
  • Maintains rated efficiency by removing dust and debris that can cause inefficiency.
  • Ensures safety and reliability with professional inspections and cleaning.
  • Avoids yearly inflation by locking down a budget-friendly price.
  • Lower prices for 3-year PMA customers.
  • Worry-free reminders to ensure annual maintenance.
  • PMA members get extra benefits:
    • 10% discount on filters and repairs.
    • Free deep cleansing foam spray for evaporators and secondary coils.
    • Improved air quality and fresh smell in ducts.

If you have a PMA, we also do not charge after hours Overtime charges! We also waive any Regular Business ‘Call out/ Diagnostic’ fees if you need a tech out during the year!!  

Unless we start paying you to be our customer, it doesn’t get better than this!

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