How Often Should My Air Conditioner Run?

How long or how often your home’s air conditioner runs is a common concern for many homeowners wondering if their system is working efficiently, or even if it is the right size for their home. So before you call your favorite air conditioner repair Winnipeg experts at Weather Tech, there are many factors which would determine the ‘run time’ of an A/C unit that we will look at. Correct Sizing of the System When an air conditioning system is first installed […]

OVERSIZED FURNACE | Weather Tech Heating and Cooling

Issues Caused By An Oversized Furnace

When it comes to buying a furnace for your home, bigger is not always better. Although many home owners mistakenly believe that a larger unit will be more productive, installing a furnace that is too big for the area in which it will operate can cause a multitude of problems. For this reason, furnaces come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of different properties, lifestyles, and environments. If you have noticed an increase in your utility bill[…..]

Ways to Keep Your House Cool During The Summer | Weather Tech

7 Ways To Cool Your House

After a seemingly endless wait, the summer weather is finally upon us. This means days are spent relaxing by the pool, hanging out at the beach, enjoying cookouts with family and friends and going away on summer vacations. Unfortunately, it also means the oppressive heat and humidity in Winnipeg can keep you indoors and ruin your fun. To alleviate your discomfort, here are seven ways to keep your house cool in the summer.   1. Mind the Blinds Although this[…..]

Ductless Air Conditioners | Weather Tech Heating and Cooling

Potential Ductless AC Problems

Many Winnipeg homeowners are opting for ductless air conditioners instead of installing central A/C systems. Especially if they have a boiler heating system, wherein a central A/C system cannot be installed.  Ductless split systems are the perfect solution to cool these homes in the hot summer months and even provide heat in summer’s shoulder seasons too! In certain situations, a ductless system can work more efficiently, be easier to maintain, and lower your utility bill. In addition, it gives you[…..]

Signs You Have an AC Compressor Failure | Weather Tech Heating and Cooling

Air Conditioner Compressor Failure Causes

With summer upon us in Manitoba, there will be times you will probably just want to relax in your home and not have to worry about the Winnipeg summer heat outside. Unfortunately, there are quite a few different things that can impact your air conditioner and cause it to stop working, forcing you to put those plans on hold. Fortunately, not all the problems are expensive and, in some cases, can be resolved quickly. Issues of this nature could be[…..]

Keep Your Body Cool | Weather Tech Heating and Cooling

Keep the Summer Heat at Bay

During the summer months, the sweltering heat and oppressive humidity in Winnipeg can form an overwhelming combination. Staying cool in the hot weather is important to your health and well-being, so here are five ways to keep the summer heat at bay. Keep Your Body Cool: The most obvious solution to warding off the summer heat is to lower the temperature of your body. First and foremost, stay hydrated with plenty of cool water and other chilled drinks. Another great[…..]


Preparing Your House For Spring

The snow is finally off the ground, and hopefully it will stay that way until November…  The beauty of the blossoming flowers, the birds singing every morning and the moderate temperatures are the main reason that make Spring the perfect season to enjoy the beauty of the nature. However, as the season has changed there will be some maintenance required on your home. The bad weather during Winter tends to make us spend a lot more time in the house.[…..]

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The Weatherman on ….Zoning

What is Zoning?  Is zoning for me and my home? What are the benefits?  These are the questions we get from our customers.  Questions we hope to answer for you, so that you know if zoning is right for you. Everybody in Manitoba has a way to heat their home.  Some people like the way their home is heated, some have complaints but can simply deal with sweaters and blankets depending on the room they choose to use, and some[…..]

Dehumidifier-Benefits| Weather Tech Heating and Cooling

Benefits of Dehumidifiers…

Weatherman on Dehumidifiers… How they can save you money and keep your Home healthy A home’s climate is so much more than just a temperature.  One of the characteristics of the air in your Home is how much moisture is in the air you breath.  Humidity is so often considered when it comes to a home’s HVAC systems.  It can be very uncomfortable in Winnipeg when the dry winter air infiltrates our homes.  Its bad for the hardwoods, furniture, musical[…..]

furnace filters | Weather Tech Heating and Cooling

Not sure what furnace filter to buy?

When replacing your furnace filter there are choices you can make. Purchasing a high efficient filter can mean cleaner air for you and your household, however there is also an increased cost to that. A better filter will mean it catches more debris, which in turn means it will get ‘plugged’ faster than a cheap filter. Therefore, all things being equal, you will have to replace a more expensive filter more often…unless you install a larger filter which will offset[…..]