Preparing Your House For Spring

The snow is finally off the ground, and hopefully it will stay that way until November…  The beauty of the blossoming flowers, the birds singing every morning and the moderate temperatures are the main reason that make Spring the perfect season to enjoy the beauty of the nature. However, as the season has changed there will be some maintenance required on your home. The bad weather during Winter tends to make us spend a lot more time in the house. […]

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The Weatherman on ….Zoning

What is Zoning?  Is zoning for me and my home? What are the benefits?  These are the questions we get from our customers.  Questions we hope to answer for you, so that you know if zoning is right for you. Everybody in Manitoba has a way to heat their home.  Some people like the way their home is heated, some have complaints but can simply deal with sweaters and blankets depending on the room they choose to use, and some[…..]