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Lennox Furnace Comparison


Lennox ML195 95% efficient furnace.You’ve arrived here because you want to figure out which furnace is for you. Why does Lennox make so many different models? The answer is, there are so many different opinions on what a furnace needs to do.  This graph below might help you tell the differences between each model, but which one is right for you?  Do you want the least expensive furnace that will simply keep your house from freezing in the winter or do you want the furnace in your home to provide you consistent comfort in every room?  Each is possible; however, each would have different requirements.

Two major options to decide on for a furnace are:

  1. What type of blower motor it has, and there are 3 choices… First, there are the older style motors, or PSC (permanent split capacitor) motors which are fine but cost more to operate due to their larger consumption of electricity. They usually have 3-4 speeds they run at which of course determines how strong the airflow through your vents would blow. The next two options are both the newer style which convert the voltage the motor uses to direct current as opposed to what the electricity in your home has which is called alternating current. It does this to save money. D.C. motors use less electricity to run. They run quiet as well. You will hear these motors called different names like, E.C.M motors, Constant Torque motors, or D.C. motors. The difference between these two motor options is that one is D.C. so it is an electrically efficient motor but still has the 4 speeds to choose from, and the other is D.C and also is a ‘Variable’ speed motor so it is very customizable to your home’s needs. Every home is unique in its own way, whether it is with the ductwork, occupants or countless other variables, this last motor, the Variable D.C motor, has many benefits and can accommodate any situation. It is valuable when working with zoning a home and achieving the most comfortable home possible.


  1. What type of gas valve it has, and there are again 3 choices…First, there is the older style which is considered a single stage gas valve. It opens up to allow gas to be burned on a call for heat from the thermostat. It opens up to full capacity, so if you have a 100,000 BTU furnace to heat your home, when it opens up, its burning that full amount of gas. The issue with that is that on most days, your home doesn’t require ‘full capacity’. The only reason you have a furnace as large as you do is to heat your particular home properly on the coldest possible day Winnipeg could throw at it. And most homes furnaces are way larger than they need to start with. Because sizing a furnace for your home based on an ‘extreme’ isn’t the wisest way to go about it, the furnace industry started making what’s called a ‘two-stage gas valve’ option. It increases both efficiency, by burning a fraction of the gas for most of the time it runs, as well as comfortability because it is a nice steady tempering of your homes air. Temperature swings from when the furnace turns on and off are no longer near as noticeable. The third choice is, you guessed it, Variable stage gas valves. This gas valve opens and closes depending on your homes needs. It has the ability to keep your temperature within ½ degree temperature sway and all the while running at peak efficiency as well! It coupled with the Lennox s30 thermostat will learn the algorithms of your homes heating cycle and using the temperature of the weather outside your home that day, determines how much to open. Technology is sweet…and comfortable!

Of course, there are many more reasons to pick one model over the next, such as how quiet they run, what type of igniter it uses for ignition, if it is compatible with the thermostat you choose and so much more. The absolute biggest decision you must make, is WHO will install it.

     Signature Elite  Elite Elite Merit
Model # SLP98V EL296V EL296E EL196 ML195
 Efficiency 98.20% 96% 96% 96% 95%
Variable motor (E.C.M.)  YES  YES
4 Spd. D.C Motor YES
4 Spd. P.S.C. Motor YES YES YES
Stages of Heating    Variable capacity 2 2 1 1
Ultra Low Constant Fan controlled at thermostat     YES YES  Low  Speed  Low  Speed would need relay installed
Insulated   Cabinet     YES  YES YES  YES
Ignition Surelight
 Surelight  Surelight Surelight Hot Surface Igniter
Parts Warranty 10 10 10 10 10
Heat Exchanger  Ltd. Lifetime  Ltd. Lifetime  Ltd. Lifetime  Ltd. Lifetime 20 Years
Labour Warranty 10 10 10 10 1

Lennox Furnaces

Model AFUE
SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace

The most efficient and quietest furnace you can buy

EL296V High-Efficiency Gas Furnace

High-efficiency, Two-stage, variable speed blower, gas furnace

EL296E Gas Furnace

Single-stage furnace with Power Saver™ technology

EL196E Gas Furnace

High-efficiency, high-comfort heating

ML195 Gas Furnace

Economical, high-efficiency gas furnace

AIRE-FLO High Efficient Gas Furnace 95%

Sometimes you may find the location of your existing furnace doesn’t really work with how the rest of your home is designed.  If you want your furnace moved further against the wall to gain more room or moved to the other side of your basement, we can help.  When Weather Tech installs a new furnace, we do our best to improve on how much space it takes up as well.  Making what we do look pretty is something we take pride in!  Let us give you some ideas with your furnace replacement!  Call us today at 204-799-4926.