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Ductless Split Air Conditioner

You Want A/C But Don’t Have Any Ductwork?  We Have a Solution!

Weather Tech has provided cooling to so many of our customers who thought their only hope was a window unit.  Window units can take the edge off but they simply do not make them with the capacity to take care of us on a hot Winnipeg summer.

These Lennox ductless split units are a very popular alternative to ripping apart your basement and walls in your home to add ductwork.

They come with an outside condensing unit, just like a normal central air conditioner which you can mount on a pad or brackets, as well as an inside unit which hangs on the wall.  You can have up to four inside units, or “head” units with every outdoor unit (condensing unit).  They are controlled by a small remote control which can be mounted like a thermostat or simply left on the coffee table beside your favourite chair.  The best location for the head units are in a central location like a stairwell or livingroom and if at all possible, on an outside wall.  You need roughly 3 ft wide space and at least 6 inches above.

These units are super quiet so you won’t even notice them running and they are very efficient.  The units come with a heat mode as well.  This will provide heat on the shoulder seasons down to 0 degrees, however, will not take the place of your heating system here in the ‘Peg.

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